SEO is truely an art form and as such search engine optimisation should be performed by the website optimisation experts. Website optimisation for small companies and businesses. SEO for small businesses. Small Business SEO Packages only £299.99 it-s a cheap SEO starter package. Our UK SEO experts have what it takes to get you to the top of the SERP's

Redpoint SEO are the UK's Premiere Search Engine Optimisation Company...

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation increases the exposure of an organisations website - it's all about SEO. Here at Bluepoint SEO we know how important search engine optimisation is to get to number 1 in a search engines results pages for an online business. The difference between being on page 1 of Google and on page 2 can have a dramatic effect on the amount of potential customers that will visit your website and hence the number of sales you make.

The Top of Google

Use SEO get to the top of the search engine results pages in Google - it's like climbing a ladder.It's a challenging task and you may have asked yourself before how to get to the top of Google and we at Redpoint can ensure you that SEO is not an easy game to play. However our team of search engine optimisation experts are passionate about their work - these guys do it for fun. If anyone can get you to the top of the results pages, Redpoint SEO can.

Free Assessment

Redpoint SEO can give your website a free SEO audit and advise on what we can do to optimise your website.If you'd like a free SEO audit for your website to find out what our team of search engine optimisation specialists can do for you please feel free to call us on 01352 719615 or use the online form on our contact page to request a call back with our free website optimisation assessment results. With a little expert SEO you could be ranking in that golden spot on Google - Number 1.


SEO is search engine marketing

Redpoint SEO is an internet marketing company founded in 2011 by a group of SEO enthusiasts that offers search engine optimisation services to customers across the United Kingdom. Redpoint provides website optimisation and offers cutting edge and bespoke search engine marketing techniques to its client base at highly competitive prices. Our SEO packages have been designed to give a wide range of options to suit all of our customers' needs. In fact we have the cheapest SEO packages in comparison to all of our main competitors and our search engine optimisation services are unparallel.

It's how to get more visitors to your website

Advertising your services or products on the internet can help you increase your organisations profit. Getting to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in the two main search engines, Google and Bing (Yahoo has now merged with Bing) can have a dramatic effect on the number of visitors your website can achieve. Each visitor that calls to your website is a potential customer that may purchase your service. The search engine users that are looking for a product will tend to only look at the results on the first page that the search engine retrieves, after this they tend not to travel past the top 10 results. This means if your website is on page 2 for a keyword then it's unlikely to gain a very high click through rate. This is where search engine optimisation comes in.

Onsite and offsite website optimisation

Our team of SEO professionals will perform the tasks required to get more visitors to your website with our website optimisation techniques. We'll perform all onsite SEO required which includes making your site accessible to the search engines, writing content with the SEO researched keywords inserted and special internal linking techniques. That's half of the story though as modern search engines rely heavily on external webpage's linking back to your website with keyword rich anchor text. This is a real art and it's something that our SEO company has developed over time into a science. You can read more about onsite and offsite optimisation techniques at Wikipediea

SEO for small companies and large companies

If you're looking for a SEO company that has developed, tried and tested search engine marketing services than you can't go wrong with Redpoint SEO. Our search engine optimisation team will get you more visitors to your company's website and this in turn will create more sales and will increase your customer base. In our SEO packages page we know you'll find the correct website optimisation package for your organisations needs no matter how large or small your company is - Redpoint performs SEO for large businesses and also SEO for small companies alike.

Optimisation for local clients and national clients

As an SEO company we offer a very comprehensive service to a broad spectrum of clients. Each of our clients have very differing needs ranging from businesses that require lead generation to your standard online retail shop selling various products.

A lot of our customers are situated within the region of our near the Flintshire County Council office and they've found us online because we have optimised our website to generate custom from within these areas. For example if you type in to Google "SEO Wrexham" you'll end up on our optimised landing page for that particular keyword.

The same holds true for one of our other landing pages for the keyword "SEO Chester" or "North Wales SEO". Perform a search on these in Google and this particular keywords landing page comes up top trumps. This is how Redpoint SEO gets its customers - now let us do the same for you and get you to the top of the search engines results pages.

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